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Personal project
Johan Tahon, Oudenaarde, 2019
Johan Tahon, Oudenaarde, early '2000
Ronny Delrue, Ghent, 2019
Ronny Delrue, Ghent, early '2000
Early ‘2000 I started a series of portraits of artists related to the Belgian museum of contemporary art S.M.A.K, Ghent. Related to the 20th anniversary of the museum S.M.A.K. in 2019, I initiated a new chapter of this project for which I re-visit and re-photograph the same artists. The meetings confront us with the fascinating aspect of an evolution of 20 years in time. Please re-visit this website, as it will be updated with new images from the ongoing project in the upcoming months.

Early work below (early '2000): Thomas Bogaert - Masato Kobayashi -  Royden Rabinowitch - Vincent Geyskens - Dan Vanseveren - Michael Borremans - Koen van den Broek - Bart Stolle - Johan Tahon - Guillaume Bijl - Leo Copers - Philippe Vandenberg - Henk Visch - Stefaan Dheedene - Bart Stolle - Berndt Lohaus - Wim Delvoye - Ronny Delrue - Robert Devriendt - Jan Van Imschoot - Thomas Bogaert - Dan Vanseveren - Masato Kobayashi - Jan De Cock

The work received an honorable mention in the prestigious IPA Awards (US), 2008

Thomas Bogaert, Ghent, early '2000
Masato Kobayashi, Ghent, early '2000
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