"Isabelle doesn't only show the concrete setting but also the emotional world behind it which is less tangible " 


Photography has a strong yet indirect connection with reality. This makes it an interesting medium to investigate, reflect and visualize reality in a nuanced, in-depth way. Isabelle uses photography in such a way, balancing between documentary and fine art.  

Isabelle explores the reality of her subjects beyond their physical appearance. Using this unique combination of engagement, empathy and aesthetics. Isabelle shows great sensitivity in her photography, both in terms of theme and representation. She touches beyond the pure visual layer and captures the identity and soul of her subjects - translating this search into impactful visual documents with historic, artistic and/ or commercial value.

Over the last 20 years Isabelle has been building successful project collaborations with leading international partners and clients. At the same time she developed an impressive artistic portfolio. Isabelle exhibits and sells her artwork in an international gallery and museum context. She is also a renowned guest lecturer on documentary photography. 

Selected list of clients / cooperations: The New York Times, Monocle, Financial Times, De Standaard, Bio Planet, RDH Diamonds, Matexi, WWF, Antwerp Zoo Society, Orde van Architecten, Lannoo publishing, Consensio, Foodservice Network Europe, G4S, Grünenthal, OneWorld Magazine, Caritas and Fedasil. 

Isabelles art projects and notably the UNSETTLED project have been awarded, published and exhibited worldwide in London, Brussels, Dublin, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Toulouse, Arles, Copenhagen, Cologne, Lodz, Tbilisi, Krasnodar, Daegu and other places.

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