Tatiana Bilbao, Architect, Dusseldorf, for The New York Times, 2013


Selected overview

I am specialised in (environmental) portraiture and intrigued by the research to expose the psychological state of my subjects through my imagery. I work preferably with natural, ambient light in search for an authentic, natural look, transferring an emotion. 'Less is more' can be regarded as my motto. 

Peter De Cupere, scent artist, Antwerp, 2018
Ronny Delrue, Ghent 2019
Ronny Delrue, Ghent, 2019
Simon, Antwerp, 2019
Kamagurka - Luc Zeebroek, Brugge, for Onze Taal, 2019
Wassim Hallal, Chef Frederikshoj, Aarhus, for The New York Times, 2018
Doaa Al Shouki, Antwerp, 2017
Chefs restaurant Haervaerk, Aarhus, for The New York Times, 2018
Author Ann De Craemer, Tielt, for Onze Taal, 2017
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