Urban Piano Quartet, artwork images for new album, 2020


(Commissioned) portrait work

Isabelle specialises in (environmental) portraiture. Working preferably with natural, ambient light Isabelle is constantly in search of an authentic, natural look, transferring an emotion.

Duo Vermeulen Verpoest, musicians, artwork images for new album, 2021
Kamagurka - Luc Zeebroek, Brugge, for Onze Taal, 2019
Wannes Cappelle, musician, for De Mens Nu, 2021
Ilse Cornelissens, owner Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp, for MONOCLE, 2020
Peter De Cupere, scent artist, Antwerp, 2018
Gabriel Rios, singer, songwriter, artwork images for single 'Unrock', 2005
Tatiana Bilbao, Architect, Dusseldorf, for The New York Times, 2013
Simon, Antwerp, 2019
Philippe Thuriot, musician, artwork images for album 'Ravel - Couperin', 2019
Amber, 2016
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