Artist in residence project

Accepting the invitation for being a photographer in residence at the cultural centre of Strombeek I created a series of portraits entitled ‘Panoptic’ featuring portraits of musicians, actors and visual artists who were programmed by the centre that season. On the list are: Michel François, Gabriel Rios, Rik Vermeersch, Willy De Sauter, Pascal Schumacher etc. The series was shown in an overview exhibition in the summer of 2005.

Names of the artists in shown order:  ​​​​​​​
Gabriel Rios  -  Pieter De Buysser - Lucas Vandervorst - Michel Francois​​​​​​​ - Rik Vermeersch - Manu Comte - Walter Vergaelen - Willy de Sauter - Everlyn Nicodemus  -  Ineke Nijssen

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